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The Music of the West and East Met in Boston with the Tanini Trio’s Concert

Mutlaka Oku

BOSTON- Tanini Trio’s performance at the 13th Boston Turkish Film and Music Festival was received by the enthusiasm of the international audience and their repeated applause.

Tanini Trio’s concert program was a perfect reflection of the bridge they wish to build between eastern and western music. The program included a wide selection of eastern and western music pieces, ranging from Refik Talat Alpman’s “Mahur Saz Semaisi” to Zeki Müren’s “Bir Demet Yasemen”, from Astor Piazzolla’s “Libertango” and “Oblivion” to Tchaikovsky’s Arabian Dance from Nutcracker.

Tanini Trio was founded by internationally acclaimed kanun virtuoso Tahir Aydoğdu, ney player Bilgin Canaz, and pianist Hakan A. Toker. Founded in 2006, Tanini is an eclectic, lyric instrumental trio of three Turkish musicians, each with a successful international career of his own. Tanini aims to create bridges between cultures of the East and West, promoting world-wide peace and friendship through music. They have a very carefully picked repertoire, consisting of western music with Turkish elements, and Turkish music with Western elements, fused through sensitive considerations, aiming towards utmost homogeneity and beauty.

In addition to their concert in Boston, Tanini Trio also participated in a music workshop at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

Erkut Gömülü, director of the festival, said the warm welcome by the U.S. audience of Tanini Trio’s interpretation of various Turkish and western composers’ pieces showed us one more time that the music has a universal language.

For more information about the festival please visit www.BostonTurkishFilmFestival.org



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