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POP ART REVISITED:  Reminisce In Warhol-Basquiat Style With Jisbar In Istanbul

Mutlaka Oku

By Janet Ekstract ISTANBUL- A Warholesque-Basquiat Pop Art revisit will be the au courant ‘happening’ in Istanbul when renowned French pop artist sensation Jisbar aka Jean-Baptise Launay opens his new exhibition Jisbar in Istanbul at Kalyon Kultur’s Tas Konak on November 8 this year. Jisbar is known for his eclectic reinterpretations of famous figures from classical art, reimagined through contemporary Pop Art. Storytelling is the focus in Jisbar’s works as he explained to Turkiye’s Daily Sabah: “Every artwork is a story waiting to be unraveled.” Born in France in 1989, Launay rose to fame at the 500th anniversary commemoration of Leonardo da Vinci’s death in the art world.  Jisbar is known for the thrilling, the original and the impossible as evidenced in his most recent exhibition from space. His modern rendition of the Mona Lisa was sent into space, hanging 33.4 kilometers above the Earth for over an hour and a half was a roaring sensation on the international art scene.

Jisbar’s desire to bring his exhibition to Istanbul is born from his deep spiritual connection to the city and  the inspiration it provides him. As he shared his thoughts, Jisbar commented: “Istanbul isn’t just a backdrop for my exhibition, it’s an inspiration, a muse.” He added: “When I immersed myself in this city’s rich history and lively streets, I felt a deep connection. In an environment where different cultures intertwine, sounds blend and the color palette profoundly influences my art, I found myself.” Jisbar told the publication that he views each art piece as a brand-new narrative – a mystery waiting to be unraveled. The eclectic brilliance reveals his style in a combo of words, slogans, numbers and code in each work. His unmistakable style, sets him miles apart in the contemporary art world where he’s achieved tremendous success in marrying classical art with contemporary Pop Art elements. Jisbar’s work is not meant to dictate to its viewers – this unique artform beckons people to focus on minute detail to discover their own individual clues, messages and history. Never boring, Jisbar’s unique, bold, style invites creative conversation. The French artist who exhibits in galleries around the globe, has exhibited from San Francisco to the Gold Coast, Tapei, Venice, Paris and London. His larger-than-life art provides inspiration to a plethora or artists and brands across a broad spectrum. As Jean-Baptise Launay aka Jisbar concludes: “My exhibition is an expression of my respect for this magnificent city, a tribute to its spirit. I hope my art resonates with both Istanbulites and visitors to the exhibition.”

As for the exhibition venue, Kalyon Kultur known as the Stone Mansion, was built by Abdul Hamid II and passed on to Mehmet Raif Pasha in late 1889. As its director, Cem Bulent Unal said: “At Kalyon Kultur , our vision is to support cultural production through collaborations that transcend specific locations or geographies and enhance intercultural interactions. With this perspective, we are delighted to introduce the internationally renowned figure in the world of Pop Art, Jishar, to Turkish art-goers.” Unal said Kalyon Kultur’s raison d’etre is to revive and preserve the building’s history as a place for conversations of culture and art with an event program that covers a broad range of seminars and workshops along with regular exhibition programs. To date, Kalyon Kulture has held two international exhibitions and diverse events as well as programs for children. Highlighting collaborations with famous names in the fields of culture and arts, Kalyon Kultur also participated in Istanbul’s foremost art fair – Contemporary Istanbul while also engaging in joint projects with 212 Photography Festival. Jisbar’s exhibition runs through February 14, 2024.


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