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Mono Clinic Successfully Performed Medical Procedures of Alexis Stone

Mutlaka Oku

Mono Clinic Successfully Performed Medical Procedures of Alexis Stone, Who Amazes Everyone with Makeup Transformations!

Mono Clinic, which was established in Izmir by businessman Eyup Derundere, who has achieved significant success in the health sector for 15 years, in order to provide the highest quality health tourism procedures, has been providing successful medical treatments to international patients from Europe, America and Africa since 2017 with its 80-person team. World-famous make-up artist Alexis Stone, who fascinated millions with his impressive make-up, chose Mono Clinic for his medical procedures.

Make-up Artist Alexis Stone Visited Mono Clinic Twice

Famous for the unique make-ups he performs, the British artist Alexis Stone has visited Mono Clinic, Turkey’s most famous and successful address in the field of health tourism, twice for cosmetic procedures.

Alexis Stone, whose smile was designed by the talented team of Mono Clinic in his first visit, had a body contouring procedure at the clinic in his second visit a month later.

Alexis Stone had a very open and positive attitude about his medical experiences in the clinic, said, “The Mono Clinic team helped me a lot; During the treatment process, I received support from them both over the phone and face to face whenever I needed it. They made me feel like at home. I think that it is very important for the doctor not only to be able to achieve great results in cosmetic operations, but also to be able to communicate effectively. My doctor was great; He understood my expectations very well. I could not have been more satisfied with the operations I had.” 

Mono Clinic is the First Choice of World-Famous Names with Meticulously Prepared Modern Treatment Experiences

Mono Clinic, which is famous as the most reliable and preferred address of health tourism in Turkey and throughout the world, with the most advanced plastic, obesity, dental and hair transplant procedures, is visited by approximately 200 famous names every year.

Mono Clinic, which is the first choice of international and Turkish patients from all over the world, offers modern treatment experiences meticulously prepared by the most talented and experienced medical professionals.

Alexis Stone, who visited the clinic twice for the best medical experience and the most perfect results, also had a very enjoyable time during the treatment process; Stone said, “This is not the first time I come here, and it won’t be the last. Endless thanks to Mono Clinic.” 


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