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7.7 magnitude quake rocks eastern Türkiye

Mutlaka Oku

By Janet Ekstract

İSTANBUL- It was 4:00 AM on Monday when a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck the southeastern region of Türkiye in Gaziantep with multiple buildings toppled and destroyed, old buildings that were not earthquake proof.

Multiple cities were rocked by the quake with violent tremors ongoing at this time including Diyarbakır, Kharamanmaraş, Şanlıurfa, Adana, Hatay and Osmaniye as well as other outlying regions. Syria and Israel also felt the powerful quake with aftershocks and episodes of lesser magnitude quakes.

Turkish President Erdogan said 45 countries have offered Türkiye assistance and 9,000 emergency personnel were dispatched to the region. NTV reported there’s a risk for other buildings whose structure have suffered cracks from the quake. 

Currently, the Turkish President announced that close to a thousand people are dead with scores more injured in one of the worst quakes Turkiye has experienced in a decade.


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