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UN Chief condemns Russian attack on Odesa and other Ukrainian ports

Mutlaka Oku

BİRLEŞMİŞ MİLLETLER (TURKISH JOURNAL) – Pia Bozyel- United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres strongly condemned Moscow’s attack on Odesa and other Ukrainian ports.
Guterres published a written statement regarding the recent Russian attacks on the ports of Ukraine.

The attacks which killed 3 and injured 19 people drew strong criticism from the Secretary General who emphasized that the attacks “contradict Russia’s commitments under the still active Memorandum of Understanding” between the UN and Russia.

Warning that attacks on civilian infrastructure may violate international humanitarian law, Guterres also drew attention to the impact of the attacks on global food prices.
Guterres emphasized his commitment to facilitating export of Russian and Ukranian grain and fertilizers to global markets.

Russia had withdrawn from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, arguing its conditions had not been met. The Black Sea Grain Initiative was brokered by the UN and Türkiye in 2022 to assist the export of Ukrainian-Russian grain and fertilizers with an aim to reduce global food prices.


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