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Psychological Well-being

Mutlaka Oku

NEW YORK (Turkish Journal) – Psychologist Gamze Şen – “Well-being” is a term we have heard a lot lately and perhaps think about from time to time. So what exactly do we understand by “well-being”? Is a state of constant happiness always feeling satisfied with life or not experiencing negative emotions or experiences?

Despite many studies, the definitions of the concepts of ‘psychological well-being’ made by Carol Ryff (1989) and Martin Seligman (1998) have been guiding in psychology. Carol Ryff believes that individuals with psychological well-being are those who attach importance to personal development, are free, self-accepting, establish healthy and satisfying relationships with other people, find meaning and purpose in life, and can cope with life’s difficulties in a healthy way. Martin Seligman, on the other hand, says that an individual has well-being if he experiences positive emotions more frequently, can establish deep and satisfying relationships, believes that he lives a meaningful life, feels successful, and has personal pursuits that he enjoys.

So, what do new studies show? Well-being involves accepting and experiencing negative feelings and uncomfortable experiences rather than always feeling positive emotions, and completing this process in a healthy way. For example, imagine that a student has an important exam and is experiencing intense stress and anxiety. Someone with psychological capacity, instead of suppressing and ignoring these emotions; He learns how to deal with these emotions and develops strategies for himself. In this process, instead of focusing only on their success in the exam, the student also learns the process of coping with the stress of the exam and grows from this experience. Thus, not only will you pass the exam, but you will also develop the ability to deal more effectively with similar situations in the future.

Psychological well-being is a balance. Achieving balance brings personal development and happiness.


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