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Governor Cuomo was at two ribbon-cutting events

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NEW YORK (TURKISH JOURNAL) – H. Nazan Işık – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo holds daily coronavirus briefings since the COVID crisis started in New York. Everyday it is, from Monday to Sunday, he gives update on Covid-19 pandemic, talks about the facts, and “reopening” the state and city, and dealing with the civil unrest after Mr. Floyd’s murder.

This week he also had two ribbon-cutting events.


On Monday, June 15th, Governor Cuomo announced the opening of shared bicycle and pedestrian path on Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

He said: “ We are here today to say, “happy birthday.” One might think ‘oh, it is a nice way to announce opening of something. ’  But, he continued: “I’m here today to say, ‘happy birthday,’ It’s my father’s birthday today. And he would be very proud today.”

” We’re going to open the 3.6-mile-long path for cyclists and pedestrians.(…) 3.6 miles and you’re over one of the most beautiful bridges in the United States of America.(…)The new Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge is an iconic gateway to the Hudson Valley and a statewide landmark that celebrates the spirit of New York,” he said. “The addition of this state-of-the-art bike and pedestrian path will provide New Yorkers and tourists alike with more ways to cross the river, as well as updated amenities and a unique, interactive experience to enjoy while taking in the scenic views of the Hudson River Valley.”

The new 3.6-mile, 12-feet wide path runs from Tarrytown across the Hudson River to South Nyack, with visitor parking and bicycle repair stations on both sides of the bridge.

When visiting the path, keep the following in mind:

–Daily hours of operation: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The path may temporarily close due to inclement weather, maintenance operations or security concerns
–It takes approximately 80 minutes to walk the length of the path; factor in your return trip.
–It takes approximately 20 minutes to bike across the path.
–Wind, rain, sun, temperatures all feel more intense out over the water; dress accordingly.
–Restrooms are in the Welcome Centers at both landings.
–Water fountains are available at both landings, not on the path itself.
–You may feel the bridge vibrate; this is normal.
–If you need assistance, use the blue light phones along the path.

“The path provides an environmentally friendly new connection for families, runners, cyclists, walkers and commuters to travel between Westchester and Rockland counties,” Cuomo said. “Tonight we’re going to illuminate the bridge in blue because blue is my father’s favorite color. And when he’s looking down, I want to make sure tonight he sees his bridge lit up blue, and I think it’ll put a smile on his face.” 


Another ribbon-cutting ceremony was the opening of new arrivals and departures hall at Terminal B as part of the $ 8 billion transformation of LaGuardia Airport.

On June 10, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the opening of the spacious, 850,000-square-foot, four-story Terminal B Arrivals and Departures Hall at LaGuardia Airport.

“LaGuardia Airport is going to be the first new airport in the United States of America in 25 years. Just think about that. 25 years. The last airport was Denver: 1995. (…) Meanwhile, you could fly into airports all around the world and they were brand new, and there were entertainment centers, and business centers, and they were magnificent. And then you’d fly into our airports here in the United States, which were built in the ’50s or the ’60s or the ’40s” said Cuomo.  “The brand-new, state-of-the-art Terminal B Arrivals and Departures Hall at LaGuardia Airport, the biggest milestone to date in the airport’s ongoing $8 billion transformation into a unified 21st century facility will provide New York’s travelers with a 21st century airport experience”

The executive director of the Port Authority Rick Cotton: “The whole new LaGuardia will feature 72 brand-new gates across six new concourses, 2.7 million new feet of new terminal space, 9.2 miles of new roadway network, seamless access to ground transportation, and an improved curbside experience with separate levels for arrivals, departures, and buses.” 

Governor Cuomo: “We needed this. We needed this today. We needed to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we needed to see possibility, we needed to see New York stand up and shine, we needed to remember how great a place this is, and how a great a people we are. And yes, we’re gone through a rough 101 days, but you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

He said that he actually installed the mosaic here personally. He did it on Saturday afternoons and evenings on his personal time. “It’s part of the Italian heritage, I did mosaic in my bathrooms, I did the backsplash in the kitchen, this was a little larger,” Cuomo said.

The new Terminal B opened to the public on Saturday, June 13th and serves American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Air Canada.


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