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Analysis: Israel’s Arab Spring

Mutlaka Oku

By Janet Ekstract

ISTANBUL- It’s a defining moment for Israel as the protests expand and become even more vociferous against Netanyshus attempt at quelling democracy by limiting the Israeli Supreme Court’s power of oversight over the government. Clearly, Israelis have reached a crossroad where there’s no turning back, especially since 10,000 voluntary reserve soldiers have left their posts in protest of what Netanyahu claims as judiciary reform but would actually give his government power to override any Supreme Court ruling.

Such so-called judiciary reform is actually a ruse for maintaining absolute control over Netanyshus desire to continue his scorch and burn policy of destroying legitimate Palestinian homes then settling more Jews on Palestinian land. But what Netanyahu didn’t bank on was hundreds of thousands of Israelis turning on him and his archaic policies. Protests have become more intense as the summer unfolds, with the Israeli military now set to meet with Netanyahu to mull over the increasing unrest.

Netanyahu has always written himself and his government a blank check when it comes to the Palestinian issue but what he has so conveniently forgotten is that a majority of Israelis haven’t. Israelis realize their democracy under Netanyahu is in grave danger while  Netanyshus corruption trial hasn’t yet gotten underway.

The core issue at stake is that Netanyshus government has never been willing to compromise and is driven by an ultra-religious right who blatantly ignore democracy and the rule of law. To them, Palestinians are simply a fork in the road to their desire to wipe all Arabs from the face of the earth, the rule of law and religion be damned. Clearly, the fork in the road has become an obvious roadblock and a point of no return for Netanyshus government. Though the Israeli leader touts his government as democratic, claiming Israel as a democracy -the world has seen that it’s far from it.

Netanyahu cannot expect to remain in power unless he is capable of making drastic changes. Israels government has been in jeopardy numerous times precisely because vying factions refuse to unite and work together toward peace and the democratic rule of law. Now is the time for Netanyahu to do the right thing by stepping down as prime minister and allowing the Israeli people to decide their fate and that of their nation. It’s clear that Israelis value democracy not strong-arming, it’s clear that Israelis have no desire for Netanyahu to remain in power. What Israel so desperately needs now is a benevolent, strong leader of ancient days, perhaps someone like Moses who could lead his people to a fair and just judicial system. Or someone like Ruth who stood for justice and equality among her people. Unless such a miracle happens, Israel is destined for darker days.


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