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Erdoğan Announces New Vision On Eve Of 99th Republic Day

Mutlaka Oku

By Janet Ekstract

ISTANBUL (GOLDENHORN AGENCY) – On the eve of the 99th Republic Day, for Turkiye on October 29, Turkish President Erdogan announced his party’s new vision document entitled Century of Turkiye to celebrate the new century of the republic. The Turkish president emphasized this name reflects a transformative period that will see democracy, development, peace and welfare in every area of the globe. Addressing crowds in Ankara on Friday, the Turkish leader said: “At a time when the world is facing vital challenges, we want to make a strong start to the new century of our republic with the Century of Turkiye.

On Friday, as a giant screen displayed the logo, A Century Turkiye, multitudes of guests flooded into the Ankara Sports Complex for the AK Party’s Century of Turkiye event to commemorate the centenarian milestone of the founding of the Republic of Turkiye. Prior to the event, thousands of AK party members congregated in front of the complex from the early morning hours. Many other guests arrived to attend the event from outside of the country. Erdogan addressed everyone before the event: “No one will be able to divide us. No one will be able to put a stone before us.” The Turkish leader added: “But we have seven months, no stopping in these seven months – keep going.”

He expressed his goals, explaining: “We will elevate the Century of Turkiye by making our country one of the 10 largest states in the world, in all fields of politics, economy, technology, military and diplomacy.” The Turkish president added that he wants to share this message “with all humanity, that the Century of Turkiye is the name of a revolution” that he stresses will transform the world. He further stated: “We have eliminated the conditions that paved the way for the coups one by one.” As Erdogan had previously mentioned a month ago, one of his first goals with this vision is to create a new constitution that he says will be a “product of the national will.” He said he wants to have the new constitution implemented with the approval of Parliament and the Turkish nation.

Meanwhile, he reiterated that this new constitution will see an increase in the welfare of the Turkish people in addition to a guarantee in the rule of law, pluralism, justice, equity and freedom. As Erdogan explained: “We have prepared a constitutional amendment that will protect the family from the threat of deviant movements, and guarantee the educational and working rights of our daughters and ladies with or without headscarves.” The Turkish leader said that an amendment will be submitted to Parliament next week that will allow the issue regarding the right to wear headscarves to be eliminated from Turkiye’s agenda once and for all. He added, the issue is a “natural right.” Erdoğan previously stated: “We are preparing to greet the centenary of our republic with the Century of Türkiye push that goes beyond a mere anniversary celebration. Just as we have led our nation to our 2023 targets, we are now starting to build our 2053 vision with the Century of Türkiye move.”


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