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Sales of iPhone 12s banned in France until further notice

Mutlaka Oku

Jean-Noel Barrot, the French Minister for Digitalization and Telecommunications, announced that the sale of iPhone 12 model phones is banned in the country until further notice.

In a statement made on the X social media platform, Barrot stated that the sale of the iPhone 12 model phone has been stopped in France until the US technology giant Apple brings an update.

Minister Barrot said he had asked the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) to mobilize all its staff to ensure compliance with the ban.

According to a statement from ANFR, which controls the amount of electromagnetic waves emitted by electronic devices on people, checks on 141 phone models found that iPhone 12s exceeded the amount of radiation allowed in Europe.

In Europe, a phone must emit 4W/kg of radiation when held in a pocket or hand, while ANFR found that the iPhone 12 model phone emitted 5.74 W/kg. (AA)


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