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Science-based fantasy novel helps young readers learn about new cultures

Mutlaka Oku

March 6, 2012 LOS ANGELES

Z. Altug and Tracy Gensler have written a nutrition and health book together, but they are now bringing fantasy and adventure to young readers with “Patalosh: Orion Spence and the Time Travelers” (ISBN 1463521332). Life changes drastically for 10-year-old Orion Spence when he wakes up completely alone on an ancient airship that is usually occupied with thousands of sailors.

With only a big bump on his head, Orion has no idea how long he’s been out or what happened to him or his missing parents. The last memory he can recall is boarding the ship to return to home to Antarctica after his birthday party in Italy was ruined thanks to his cousins. Alone in the ice field with the wrecked HMS Exploricus, Orion must search for answers or he’ll freeze to death.

The young boy learns how to maneuver the ship on Earth as he searches all seven continents for his missing parents. Throughout his journey, he meets seven new friends: Pen the Antarctic penguin, Cuzco from Peru, a Native American girl named Kai, Liang from China, Ekala, an Australian Aborigine, a Swedish girl named Svea and Jabari, an African Masai boy. They all help him to solve the seven riddles that will lead him to a secret time-travel portal.

While he’s solving riddles and working his way to the time-travel portal, Orion must also face epic battles against fierce warriors without any special powers. While no one has ever found the evil Emperor Cic Daaggerd’s secret portal leading to his Ice Castle of Fire, the young boy is determined to do so until a troubling family secret emerges and changes everything, including his plan to find his parents.

Altug and Gensler believe that the multicultural characters and travels around the world will interest young readers, especially if they have not had the chance to travel extensively. By covering real historic places, foods, art, music and other cultural activities, the authors are hoping to provide readers with a greater view of the world without having them ever leave their homes.

“The conversational tone and short chapters with cliffhanger endings are ideal for reluctant readers,” Gensler says.

“Patalosh: Orion Spence and the Time Travelers” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Authors: Z. Altug, a licensed physical therapist and fitness consultant, has written “The Anti-Aging Fitness Prescription” and the “Manual of Clinical Exercise Testing, Prescription and Rehabilitation.” He has created healthy lifestyle wall and engagement calendars for the 2012 year.

Tracy Gensler, a dietitian, wrote “Probiotic and Prebiotic Recipes for Health” and “The Anti-Aging Fitness Prescription” with Altug. She currently writes for The Best Life website, but has previously written for Good Housekeeping’s website and magazine.

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