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Israel’s Defense Minister Pow-Wows With U.S. National Security Advisor

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By Janet Ekstract NEW YORK- On Tuesday, U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met with Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant at the White House to discuss continued efforts for a ceasefire deal and hostage release. According to an official statement, released on June 26, Gallant confirmed to Sullivan that the Israeli government supports the deal that President Joe Biden outlined last month in a televised speech to the nation. The deal was also endorsed by the U.N. Security Council (UNSC), the G7 and countries worldwide. Sullivan reiterated the “ironclad” commitment from the U.S. to protect Israel’s security including threats from Iranian-backed terrorist groups such as the Lebanese Hezbollah. Despite Gallant’s assurances to the Biden administration that the Israeli government backs Biden’s three-phase ceasefire-hostage release deal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear last week, that he is not in favor of any deal that leads to a permanent ceasefire. 

Meanwhile, Sullivan and Gallant discussed continuing efforts to back de-escalation and achieve a diplomatic resolution to ongoing hostilities in Lebanon that would guarantee returning Israeli and Lebanese families to their homes in the border regions. Sullivan reaffirmed to Gallant that President Biden is committed to making sure Israel has what it needs to defend itself militarily and to confront Iranian-backed adversaries. Discussions also focused on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the necessity of increasing and sustaining the flow of humanitarian assistance into the enclave. Sullivan said de-escalation of continuing tensions in the West Bank is crucial and must include “the transfer of clearance revenues to the Palestinian Authority without further delay.” Sullivan also expressed his appreciation to Gallant for his personal efforts and leadership in supporting the de-escalation.


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