Published On: Sun, Aug 22nd, 2021

Unvaccinated In Turkey: PCR TESTS REQUIRED for Concerts, Movies, Theaters

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By Janet Ekstract

ISTANBUL (TURKISH JOURNAL)- Turkey’s Interior Ministry announced its new COVID-19 rules to take effect starting on September 6, across the country.

All those who are unvaccinated will be required to.present a negative PCR test to attend events, enter cinemas, theaters  and other public places. This rule will also apply to those unvaccinated for intercity travel as well as with all forms of transport except private vehicles.

In addition, schools and universities will also follow this requirement for those unvaccinated.
The ministry statement said: “If the person has not contracted the disease, or is not vaccinated or doesn’t have a negative PCR test, they will not be allowed to participate in the event.”

Personnel in public organizations and events will be able to access and check through an individual’s HES code (Life Fits Into Home: (Hayat Eve-Sigar) four criteria required to be checked:

1. If someone was vaccinated 2. Whether a person recovered from a COVID infection 3. If a person is scientifically immune after contracting COVID. 4. If a person had a negative PCR test within 48 hours only 

The ministry highlighted the fact that in Turkey among those who were vaccinated there is a low incidence of illness and deaths. The ministry’s statement added that “the most powerful” factor in combating COVID-19 is minimizing risks in vaccinations, good hygiene, mask-wearing and social distancing.

To date, Turkey has administered 87 million vaccine doses.

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