Published On: Thu, Jun 3rd, 2021

UN report mentions Turkish-made Kargu-2 UAV

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UNITED NATIONS (TURKISH JOURNAL) – Ali Çınar – Turkey’s domestic and national technology breakthrough in recent years and the resulting success are making a significant impact in the global arena. According to a recent report issued by the United Nations, the Turkish-made Kargu-2 UAV is a first of a kind in world history. The report stated that Kargu-2 UAVs, equipped with AI, played an essential role in the defeat of Hafter, the coup leader in Libya.

The report that was presented to the UN Security Council stated that Kargu-2s detected live Hafter targets and carried out autonomous attacks based on the data in their databases without taking commands thanks to their AI, and emphasized that this was a first in the history of the world.

Equipped with an enhanced target acquisition algorithm named “Turkey’s soldiers in the sky,” the new generation kamikaze drone Kargu-2 was widely mentioned in the latest report issued by the Panel of Experts on Libya that was commissioned under the United Nations.


The report, which had a big impression on the global press, stated that the autonomous attack carried out by Kargu-2s was the first attack carried out by unmanned aerial vehicles on their initiatives.
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