Published On: Thu, May 20th, 2021

Joint Statement Issued By Over 140 Organizations and Groups Urges Biden To Protect Palestinian Rights

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By Janet Ekstract
NEW YORK (TURKISH JOURNAL) – In the midst of relentless airstrikes on Gaza, public outcry has reached a crescendo with the largest mass protests by Palestinians across Israel. Also, in at least three major American cities, the EU as well as the world, protests are ongoing, urging world leaders to stop the bloodshed. Though multiple rounds of diplomacy are taking place behind the scenes, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu remains steadfast in his will to attack Gaza, refusing to accept offers of a ceasefire.
It was because of this that on Tuesday, and over 140 groups issued a Joint Statement to the Biden administration in an appeal to stop Israel’s forced evictions of Palestinians from their homes. The situation is particularly grim for Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah in Occupied East Jerusalem where an Israeli court approved forced evictions last week.
The Joint Statement has four caveats that the organizations and groups are requesting.:
1. Send the strongest possible diplomatic message to Israel to end the demolition of Palestinian homes in Al-Bustan and end the forced evictions of Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah.
2. Publicly reiterate that U.S. policy is against the demolition of Palestinian homes in  East Jerusalem and that East Jerusalem is Occupied Territory under international law. 
3. Conduct a thorough review of previous Congressional requests that the State Department investigate whether Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes with U.S. weapons violates the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).
4. If Israel proceeds with its plan to demolish Palestinian homes in Al-Bustan and evict Palestinian residents from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah then the U.S. Embassy to Israel should send observers to document Israel’s forced displacement of Palestinians including details on military units involved in these operations and the usage of any U.S. weapons for purposes of oversight and accountability regarding Leahy Law and AECA violations.
Meanwhile, the leaders of France, Jordan and Egypt issued a joint statement after meeting early Wednesday morning to discuss their role in brokering a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict. All three leaders – France’s Macron, Jordan’s King Hussein and Egyptian leader Al-Sisi, pledged humanitarian assistance and a willingness to work with all parties in negotiations to end the violence.
According to a report from DW news channel, the latest State Department Human Rights Report highlights widespread discrimination of Palestinians and other minorities in Israel. The term the report uses is “persistent institutional and societal discrimination.”  Advisor to Israel’s Foreign Minister, Michael Freeman spoke to DW and said Israel would like nothing better than for the Palestinians to return to negotiations but he said: “Palestinians are refusing to come into negotiations with us and we’d like them to come to the table.” Freeman sighted a lack of solidified leadership for Palestinians as a major stumbling block to moving forward with any negotiation. Freeman insisted that Israel wants to see the Palestinians have the same rights as everyone else but he stressed agreeing to reenter negotiations is the key first step.

Here is the joint statement and the organizations and groups who signed it:

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