Trump Threatens To Cut Funding To The World Health Organization, Ventilators On The Way

NEW YORK (TURKISH JOURNAL) – By Janet Ekstract – In President Trump’s daily briefing on Tuesday, he slammed the World Health Organization (WHO) about their initial stance on the coronavirus outbreak.  Trump said WHO “received vast amounts of money” from the U.S. and he branded them as “wrong” and “very China-centric.” The president said: “We’re gong to look into this. They disagreed with us on the travel ban – they called it wrong and they should have known.” Trump threatened to put a hold on money that funds WHO then later backtracked and said he didn’t say he wasn’t going to fund them but he reiterated “we’re looking into it.”

In terms of the critical medical supply situation, Trump said there’s a massive airlift for critical supplies known as Project Airbridge, that arrived on Tuesday.  Project Airbridge has the federal government working with large companies to bring in massive amounts of medical supplies from abroad. Trump said healthcare workers will be the beneficiaries of this. He added that the Army Corps of Engineers is building massive health facilities in various states and that he’s proud of the job they’ve been doing. The president also said: “We’re getting supplies to everybody.” He explained that governors need to share their requirements and real time data with the administration. With regard to ventilators, Trump said: “We have 2,200 ventialtors arriving on April 13 – 5,500 ventilators arriving on May 4.” He added that GE, Ford and some other major U.S. companies are  building top of the line ventilators. The president commented that on June 29 – 60,000 ventilators will be coming for what he said is a total of 110,000 ventilators. Trump said the UK “asked us for 200 ventilators,” which he said, “we’re sending.” He added that “we’re working hard with governors.” On the federal stockpile of ventilators, Trump said 8,675 ventilators are in stock and ready to move via the military. He said he spoke to both New York Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo, saying its been a great coordination with them.

On the COVID-19 test front, Trump reported that there are now 10 drugs in active trials with two  vaccines in active clinical trials. He also said there are now 5-minute tests available for coronavirus but did not mention how many health facilities are actually providing the new tests. Anthony Fauci, Director of The National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases said: “50,000 testing cartridges are being produced a day in the U.S.’ and the president claims they are more accurate “while others out there in other countries aren’t.”  He expressed his concern that data shows a majority of African Americans are being affected adversely by this virus and he said it’s very upsetting. Trump added that there is a data investigation into why African-Americans deaths are double the amount of other populations. On the mental health front, Trump said that on Thursday, he will speak with prominent leaders in the field of mental health to work on brainstorming solutions to dealing with widespread mental health issues that have spiked during the pandemic.

 As for the economic outlook, the president mentioned that he spoke with leaders in the banking and business sectors who he says will be providing “tremendous amounts” of money to small businesses to keep them open.  To that end, Trump said he’s asking Congress to provide an extra $250 billion dollars to fund the paycheck protection program. He added that this program should relieve the pressure on small businesses which he added are the backbone of business in America.  The president insisted that America will get through this pandemic and he made no defense about his optimistic attitude which many have sharply criticized. The president said: “I’m a cheerleader for this country, I don’t want to create panic. I think a president has to be a cheerleader for their country.” 

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