Published On: Sun, Feb 2nd, 2020

“Deal Of The Century:” No Deal For Peace

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By Jan Ellen

İSTANBUL (TURKISH JOURNAL) – Both the Arab League and The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) oppose what has been dubbed “the deal of the century”and was officially presented on Tuesday in Manama, Bahrain by the U.S. President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner who devised the 136-page plan.

Here’s why this “deal” is no deal: Because it was drawn up with no respect for international law and no input from Palestinians by a Jewish-American with no background in foreign policy who got his position through nepotism and who has no sensitivity for the rights of Palestinians.

Upon closer inspection of the proposed plan – it offers absolutely no advantages or equal rights whatsoever for the Palestinian people who have waited an incredibly long time for a two-state solution favored by most NGOS, Jewish-American organizations, the United Nations and a host of international organizations as well as top political officials from previous administrations.

The PLO described the plan as being comprised of “abstract promises.” The Arab League said the plan isn’t fair for either side and in a communique, earlier this week, said that the plan “does not meet the minimum rights and aspirations of Palestinian people.” Arab foreign ministers met in Cairo at the behest of the Palestinians. The League has urged Israel not to implement this plan by force.

The plan called The Middle East Economic Plan also known as “Peace to Prosperity” does not grant authentic autonomy to Palestinians nor will it, in the short or long term – create a sense of security or peace for the Palestinians who have been treated mercilessly and basically been shunted aside.

What the plan calls for is Palestinians to be granted statehood only in Gaza, scattered regions of the West Bank and some neighborhoods on the outskirts of Jerusalem.  As Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit said in Cairo: “The plan leads to a status that amounts to a one-state situation that comprises two classes of citizens, that is apartheid, in which the Palestinians will be second-class citizens, deprived of the basic rights of citizenship.”

This plan would also allow Israel to annex all its West Bank settlements which a majority of the international community, the Palestinians and the UN have said goes against international law. The plan would also allow for annexation of the Jordan Valley which comprises a fourth of the West Bank. Meanwhile, The political half of the plan isn’t expected until sometime in September when Israeli elections will take place.

The bottom line in all this is obvious: Once again the rights of Palestinians are being trampled on. It should be noted that the Jews and Arabs have dwelled in and journeyed across the same lands for centuries and the land known as Israel today.  Before Israel came into existence, the entire region was known as Palestine. Then it was divided into three separate regions when Israel was established.

Anyone who has watched the historical documentaries will recall that Palestinians lost their homes to Israelis – homes they had spent their entire lives in.  The Israeli Army also systematically destroyed their homes in Gaza and the West Bank to build Israeli settlements.

Finally, we have a seriously tenuous situation where the U.S. administration gives carte blanche to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu who has repeatedly violated international law by building Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory.

Not only is this “deal of the century” – no deal – it’s a prime example of the blatant discrimination continuously directed at the Palestinian people whose sole desire is to live securely and in peace. 

This begs the question: With all the rampant anti-Semitism worldwide and the still raw memory of The Holocaust – how can the U.S. and Israel even dare to consider such a skewed plan when both administrations are so obviously aware of the inequality of it all?

How, indeed.

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