Published On: Fri, Oct 18th, 2019

The Art of Hair: Meet Manhattan’s Sanat Salon

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By Janet Ekstract

NEW YORK (TURKISH JOURNAL) – The word Sanat in Turkish means art and as Sanat Hair Salon owner Yuksel Sahin explains: “I believe art is synonymous with style, and it’s a gift to help people achieve their most personal expression of style.”

Being Turkish is part of that style because Turkish hairstylists are known for their innovative cuts, color and especially their absolutely fabulous blowdry.

Yuksel Bey is no exception.

Ther term ‘Bey’ in Turkish is a term of respect and Yuksel is not only respectful but he respects all his clients and his work with hair is a way of honoring his clients.

Having been raised in Turkey, a country where daily smiles and hugs are the norm and where hairdressers are a part of the family, it’s no surprise that Yuksel would become as successful as he is.

He was raised in Antalya, a beautiful city on the southern coast where many foreigners vacation so it was only natural that Yuksel’s future would lead him to America.

Yuksel’s craftmanship easily dovetails with the term artisan.

This hairdresser’s philosophy originates with his clients as he explained: “People often underestimate how dramatically a new look will affect their confidence, self-esteem and outlook on life.  To be able to give that to people is very powerful.”

Upon meeting Yuksel, it’s obvious that he is no ordinary hairstylist. His entire raison d’etre is predicated on communicating with his clients, really SEEING them and being able to look into their moment and feel what they are really seeking.

This celebrity hairstylist who formerly worked at the famous Warren-Tricomi salon, owes his love of hair to his brother who owned several hair salons in Antalya where Yuksel got his first foray into hair as the youngest of 10 siblings.

He says that working with people from every corner of the world and with a wide variety of hair ethnicities is an experience that he wouldn’t find anywhere else.

“I have a very friendly salon, I see my clients as my friends and even family since I don’t have family here in the U.S., Yuksel said.

Clearly, this wonderful hairstylist sees his work as art because as Yuksel mentioned he has an “incredibly diverse clientele” – women and men from varying ethnic backgrounds and ages that he says makes his salon a wonderful place to be.

As Yuksel shared: “Their diversity challenges me to learn new things and stay current while making everyday fun and different.”
On any given day of the week, Yuksel’s salon is filled with clients and though the salon is small, there is always lively banter and clients feel comfortable in a way that most salons can’t match.

Perhaps it is Yuksel himself who puts his clients at ease.

How can anyone not love a hairdresser who says: “The best part of my week is seeing a client out on the street or at a restaurant with their friends – enjoying life and feeling good – getting compliments from their friends.”
Though Sanat Hair Salon boasts celebrity clients, Yuksel doesn’t ‘kiss and tell’ because he says he values everyone’s privacy including his own. Yuksel adds that the majority of his clients “know what they want or trust me to make them look fabulous.”

Yuksel is also one of the finalists in the 2019 New York Hair & Beauty Awards who will choose the winner on October 27.  He has participated in a number of competitions and said that “I would love to step outside my comfort zone and enter more international competitions just for the fun, as I really enjoy meeting new people and visiting new places,”

He will also compete in the International Beauty Industry (IBI) Awards in 2020. This competition is the first of its kind to celebrate the work of beauty artisans working behind the scenes worldwide.

Here’s a man who obviously knows where he’s going and where he wants to be.

The one thing we know for sure: Yuksel, the owner of Sanat Hair Salon is a man for all seasons and a hairdresser par excellence.

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