Youth Can: Youth Waves for the Climate

By Nishat Mirza

UNITED NATIONS (TURKISH JOURNAL) – Young people are taking charge; they are no longer depending on their governments or policy makers to make the necessary policy changes, when it comes to saving Mother Earth.

Three massive climate events took place in New York City over the weekend, Friday Climate Strike create a great momentum to continue the United Nations’ Youth Climate Summit Saturday and leaders Climate Summit Monday.

Hundred thousands of youth attended, participated and made their voices heard at the Climate Strike in downtown Manhattan on Friday September 20, 2019. It is one of the largest youth movement of our times, when students skipped school to join the protest on a weekday.

The City of New York was so supportive of the Climate Strike that they gave amnesty to students, so that they could join the strike with parental consents. Students brought hand made posters with catchy and colorful images at the strike with banners saying, “Save our Future, Save the Earth”, “100% Clean Energy by 2030”, and many more.

Greta Thunberg urged world leaders to take the right initiates for climate by saying, “You’ve Already Failed Us”. The 16 year old swedish activist who came to New York City late August sailing across the Atlantic on a zero carbon emission sailboat, was one of the main youth speakers at United Nations Climate Summit. She spoke at all three events, friday, saturday and monday for the climate. She is the first one to introduce #FridaysforClimate to bring youth from all around the world together to protest for their future. 

On the Youth Climate Summit, there were various events across United Nations to bring practical solutions to the enormous climate crisis. 

The United Nations Youth Envoy Jayathma Wickramanayake praised the power of young people in organizing the climate protest and creating this global climate movement, she said, “you (youth) have been asking for a seat with the world leaders, now leaders here have competed to get a seat at your table” at the Youth Climate Summit. 

One parallel event with the Youth Climate Summit that stood out was the SDG Action Zone event, which was designed to speak for the Youth Climate Compact. This program portrayed Sustainable Climate Conscious ways for our Oceans, forest and daily food we consume. The Youth Climate Compact is a step by step approach for anyone can take action in the local community, including pledges, educating oneself on climate policies. The goal of this compact is to bring awareness, and walk the talk; a practical way to be climate friendly, to join and interact for Climate Action.

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