Published On: Thu, Feb 28th, 2013

Friends of Syria pledge support to opposition


Friends of the Syrian People Group “core” meeting held with the participation of representatives from 11 countries in the Italian capital of Rome, has ended.

The concern over the lives of the Syrian people due to the ongoing violence threats was expressed in the press release following the meeting.

The Syrian regime had to stop bombarding settlement areas as these attacks were crime against humanity and would not go unpunished, was stated in the press release.

The meeting touched on the burden carried on by neighbor countries of Syria and promise for support was given.
The ministers attended the meeting decided to provide further support to Syrian Coalition of Revolutionary & Opposition Forces (SMDK) as the only legitimate representative of the Syrian people.

SMDK delegation headed by Moaz al-Khatib provided information on the current situation in Syria to the ministers at the meeting. Al-Khatib confirmed that the Syrian regime used scud missiles in Aleppo and Rakka and called on the international society to help stop the bloodshed in Syria.

Al-Khatib once again condemned attacks aimed at civilians.

Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Giulio Terzi stated that he was pleased to host such a meeting.

Representatives from USA, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia had attended the meeting held at Villa Madama of the Italian Foreign Ministry.


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