Human Rights Now urges both sides to stop violence over ‘the intensified act of attack on Gaza’


The Human Rights Now (HRN) expresses grave concern over the intensified act of attack on Gaza and urges both sides to stop any violence.

HRN, an international human rights NGO based in Tokyo, expresses grave concern over the further escalation of violence and the recurrence of serious human rights violations which constitutes war crime.

HRN, shared the recent statement regarding the ongoing situation in Gaza:

”The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) intensified the air attack on the Gaza strip since the killing of Ahmed Al-Jabari on 14 November 2012. It has been reported that the IOF’s air attack continued for 4 days and targeted more than 150 premises throughout the Gaza strip.

According to the human rights organization based in Gaza, the IOF killed 27 civilians, including 10 children and 5 women. Besides, 520 civilians, including 140 children and 48 women have been wounded. Meanwhile, it is reported that the rocket attack conducted by the Hamas side caused the killing of 3 people.

Further, it is reported that Israel prepares for ground invasion on Gaza. According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel is prepared to significantly escalate its military operation on Gaza.

HRN urges both sides to stop any further offensive act which may escalate the conflict, and in particular, strongly urges Israel to refrain from any ground invasion which will cause further casualties of innocent people.

HRN also calls on both sides to respect international human rights and humanitarian law and refrain from attacks against civilians, which constitutes war crime.

HRN calls upon the international community to immediately intervene the situation in order to restore the rule of law and protect human rights and peace.”

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HRN is a Tokyo-based international human rights NGO with over 750
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working for protecting and promoting human rights of people worldwide with all member states of UN.

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