”Complete Inventory of100 feminist drawings by 100 artists” in New York

NEW YORK- Now through early September you have the chance to see artist Ulrike Müller’s complete Herstory Inventory—100 drawings by 100 internationally renowned artists—in dialog with the collection of the Brooklyn Museum.

Invited by the Brooklyn Museum for the 5th exhibition from the series Raw/Cooked, Müller and 100 collaborators—including acclaimed artists Zoe Leonard, Sadie Benning, Amy Sillman, A. L. Steiner, Elke Krystufek, Emily Roysdon, Faith Wilding, K8 Hardy, Leidy Churchman, Louise Fishman, Moyra Davey, MPA, Nicole Eisenman, R. H. Quaytman, Wynne Greenwood, Xylor Jane—present a collection of what Müller provocatively calls “100 feminist drawings by 100 artists” within the collection of the Museum—mining both the Museum’s database via its online search engine and the inventory lists from the nearby grassroots Lesbian Herstory Archive.

In creating a conversation between the activist feminist movement histories, a contemporary collective (re)-imagining of historic countercultural insignia from a queer perspective, and affiliated objects from the Brooklyn museum’s encyclopedic collection, Herstory Inventory activates the archive in relation to the individual, psychology, and the body. Using drawing as an act of sociopolitical engagement and engaging the politics of form, Müller’s vigorous, stunningly beautiful as well as conceptually sophisticated project challenges us to rethink creative action in relation to sociopolitical issues.

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