Published On: Fri, Jun 22nd, 2012

Turkish Foreign Ministry’s reply to the allegations of New York Times report

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The Turkish Foreign Ministry gave a clear reply to the allegations of New York Times report.

Allegations that weapons are being supplied to the opposition groups in Syria via Turkey have been denied outright in very clear terms.

A report in the New York Times says that weapons are being sent to the opposition in Syria and three countries are sponsoring the extension of the munitions.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Selçuk Ünal said that Turkey supplies neither weapons nor anything of that sort to its neighboring countries, including Syrria.

He said further that what counts for Turkey is the prosperity and future of the Syrian people and not any group there, and added that what is important is to see the Syrian administration realize clearly the situation the regime is in now and take the required steps but that what is observed is that none of those steps are being taken.

In the meantime, it has been learned that the leader of the Free Syria Army Riyedh Al Assad is within Turkey’s borders and the number of Syrian generals to have taken shelter in Turkey is 12.

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