Cuomo: “A Lack Of Facts Can Hurt You” – Get Ready For Possible Second Virus Wave

By Janet Ekstract

NEW YORK (TURKISH JOURNAL) – In Friday’s daily coronavirus briefing, Governor Cuomo reiterated that “a lack of facts can hurt you.” The New York governor cautioned that lessons must be learned in this pandemic so that if there is a possible second wave of the virus that “we have to start getting ready now.” Cuomo explained: “We go day to day and we react given the facts we’re presented with.” Following the facts includes “watching projections going forward,” Cuomo said. Currently, New York City is averaging 600 new coronavirus cases daily and the governor said it’s still too high a number.

Cuomo emphasized: “We’re learning as we go through this and we have to start getting ready now for a possible second wave of coronavirus.”  He outlined the trajectory of the virus coming from China and the EU to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Newark Airport and Chicago O’Hare Airport. The governor explained that 3 million people from Europe transited through JFK connecting to other flights in the U.S.  He said: “Someone who was infected got on a plane, went to Europe then flew to New York City and cities on the East Coast.” Cuomo underscored that those 3 million Europeans arrived at American airports from December 2019 – March 2020. He added: “It was months of people coming and circulating before we were put on notice.” The governor reiterated as he did in previous briefings: “An outbreak anywhere is an outbreak everywhere.”

A major issue, Cuomo highlighted is: “One fact we do know about COVID, there is still much we don’t know.”  He reminded everyone that there are still numerous questions about how immune people are even if they have antibodies. He said what is most concerning are some cases where children affected with coronavirus become ill with a Kawasaki-like disease and toxic shock syndrome.  Cuomo reported that a five-year-old boy in New York passed away in New York City from COVID-related complications and he said: “We are investigating several other child deaths.”  

Another major concern Cuomo pointed out : “We know it affects minority communities more dramatically. Demographically, socially, the infection rate is higher.” He said that a majority of hispanics and blacks have been disproportionately affected and requested hospitals provide added information on those cases. Cuomo commented: “We will address this immediately,” he added that his office will also “address the inequity.”  

The governor advised: “We must also adjust to the changing circumstances.”  To that end, Cuomo said that there will be no evictions through August 20, for renters who are unable to pay their rent. New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio also passed rent freeze bills to assist New Yorkers. Cuomo said that the Child Victims Act passed last year now has extended the window to file cases for another five months.  The governor added that the food assistance program is in full force as well. Cuomo said: “The good news is that we’re finally ahead of this virus. We need to figure out the next move the virus is going to make and we have to stay ahead of it.”

On reopening, “We reopen irresponsibly, you will see that rate of infection number go up.” He added: “You tell me how we behave today, I will tell you the rate of infection three days from now.” When asked about his vision for reopening, Cuomo explained: “I think the nicest surprise could be that we are acting reasonably and responsibly based on the facts, based on the data.” He outlined  that the number of cases is “dramatically different” in upstate than downstate.” Cuomo reiterated: “I’m a show me the facts and the numbers kind of guy.”  The governor emphasized “we’ve seen it around the globe, you can pull up the countries who opened up on political pressure,” then cases skyrocketed, he said. Cuomo repeated: “The facts make the determination about reopening.” Everything depends on the numbers, he said. Cuomo added: “But I lay out the facts, they’ve acted responsibly and when we get to May 15, I lay out the numbers and this is what the numbers say.” The governor said: “There is no doubt that this is a horrendous period to live through.” Cuomo commented: “The economics are devastating,” and said people are still getting bills, emotional trauma and fear is rampant with an “unemployment rate, the largest since the Great Depression.” Cuomo reminded New Yorkers that “if we make a mistake the situation is only going to get worse and prolonged.” He pointed out that “extraordinary measures” were taken to help everyone deal with the pandemic. Cuomo said: “We have to get through.” He added: “We have people who are dying, we make the wrong moves, people could die.” The governor concluded: “If you have your health, you can figure out anything else,” adding “we are in control of our destiny.”

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