“We are experiencing an unprecedented crisis in our international system”

PARİS (TURKISH JOURNAL) – Nishat Mirza – Multilateralism, Not Nationalism, is the key to Global Challenges; Macron Urges World Leaders to Cooperate at the Paris Peace Forum.

“We are experiencing an unprecedented crisis in our international system,” French President Emmanuel Macron said at The Paris Peace Forum 2019.

Heads of States from 30 countries, International Organization Heads, 100 of Activists and Entrepreneurs gathered in Paris from November 11th to 13th to discuss innovative ways to tackle global challenges that hinders Peace and Security; such as fighting for democracy and freedom, terrorism, proper healthcare and climate change. 

“Nationalism is War”, Macron urged Nations to Unite at the Peace Summit where China was present while USA was absent. Obstruction of peace is taking place mainly because of non Cooperation. As the Nations of the modern world we can handle these situations only by Cooperating with each other. New challenge that is emerging in the world, where countries closing their gates of cooperation, thinking they can solve their problems alone. Macron insisted not to confuse Nationalism with Patriotism. Now we are seeing countries to raise their flag of Nationalism, whereas the important fact is to be a Patriot and to Cooperate. Europe is a great example where cooperation has been beneficial in crisis prevention and conflict resolution, solving those problems in Europe together gave rise to institutions like the United Nations. We must learn from our past, accept Multilateralism as the way to find global solutions to global challenges. 

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said, “We see a Europe peaceful and united, setting our internal differences around tables rather than in between trenches.” Europe is united today by the contribution of all member states, who made the EU stronger internally from single market to the Rule of Law. “Europe as we see today, has evolved because not only do we help and support each other, but also because we expect every member of our union to step up and work hard to meet our standards and common goals.”

Ms. Leyne urges world leaders to stay together and stand for peace and prosperity. She added, “Europe can and should tackle the challenges: climate change, digitalization, demography, migration, conflicts, and poverty. In light of these global challenges, we see the need for strong institutions and more effective multilateral cooperation.” 

The United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres was also present at the Peace Summit. He said, “At a time when relations between the most powerful countries are dysfunctional, and with a Security Council that is frequently paralyzed, these conflicts take on a regional dimension. He said, “conflict prevention is more indispensable than ever, citing growing links to a new form of global terrorism, as seen in Libya and the Lake Chad region, and the danger of nuclear proliferation.”  At this time, international cooperation is the only way to solve tackle these challenges. The UN reform proposed by him addresses crisis prevention and a framework for fighting violent extremism; thus reinforcing peace and international security.

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