UN Climate Action Summit 2019: The Time Is Now-If Not Now When?

By Janet Ekstract

UNITED NATIONS (TURKISH JOURNAL) – United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is on a mission to tackle climate change before it’s too late. To that end, Guterres announced months ago that he wants leaders worldwide to heed the call of one of the most devastating climate emergencies ever.

Guterres invited leaders from government, business and civil society to meet at the United Nations next Monday September 23 for the 2019 Climate Action Summit with their plans to deal with this climate scourge.
The summit is meant to act as a major catalyst for change and get leaders into a more action-oriented mode when it comes to combating climate change.  The UN chief emphasised that in order “to be effective and credible,” more viable climate change plans must be taken into account, “a full transformation of economies in line with sustainable development goals.”

Guterres stressed the call for equality in all decision making related to climate goals and made it clear that women must be included as “key decisionmakers.” The srcretary-general said: “only gender diverse decision has the capacity to tackle the different needs that will emerge in this coming period of critical transformation. “

In this summit, a wide-ranging group of individuals from international and local sectors will gather to develop ambitious solution’s in six areas : a global transition to renewable energy, sustainable and resilient infrastructures and cities, sustainable agriculture and management of forests and oceans, resilience  and adaptation to climate impacts, alignment of public and private finance with a net zero economy.

He said, “Business  is  on our side. Accelerated climate solutions can strengthen our economies and create jobs while bringing cleaner air, preserving natural.ha bit at and biodiversity and protecting our environment.”

The UN chief said this will mean shifting toward “climate smart practoces.”   His example included “carbon pricing that reflects the true cost of emissions from climate risk to  the health hazards of air pollution.”
Secretary-Genersl Guterres is introducing Action Portfolios as a way to ensure that the transformative actions in the real economy are as impact ful as possible. He has prioritised the portfolios as follows:  Energy Transition, Industry Transition, Nature-based Solutions, Cities and Local Action, Resilience, Climate Finance and Carbon Pricing.

Meanwhile,  Guterres appointed a UN Secretary-General Special Envoy for the 2019 Climate Action Summit , Luis Alfonso  de Alba whose task it is to ensure that the world has the tools,  the vision and the political will required to move ahead on daunting climate action for the global good.

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