Turkish DJ Makes His Mark In The Hamptons and New York City

By Janet Ekstract

NEW YORK (TURKISH JOURNAL) – Eren Abdullahoglu is not a household name yet – but the very handsome Turkish DJ has gained a stellar reputation in the clubbing world of DJs where his passion for music and flair for showmanship has gained him a following.

Paris Hilton and DJ Eren AB playing together at Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

His first foray into the DJ world was in Europe where he honed his skills as a local DJ – setting his ultimate goal on New York City for his future in music. Eren’s decision to make it in the very competitive nightclub world of the DJ was shaped, he said by observing the New York scene of promoters, producers and well known DJs.

That, he explained, cemented his decision to attend the prestigious Electronic Music Production DJ School in New York City where Eren had an opportunity to expand and further develop his innate musical talents.

Eren told Turkish Journal that it’s crucial for any DJ to work in an ever evolving nightclub arena to have a wide array of experience because a DJ’s style is what will get them noticed and bring in more gigs.

This very gifted Turkish DJ collaborates with DJs worldwide and has played numerous top venues and some of the largest nightclubs in the U.S.

What is even more intriguing is that Eren also DJs in the well known Hamptons area in Long Island, New York where some of America’s most famous celebrities own spectacular homes.

You might be wondering who if Eren has a special DJ ‘handle’ and who those famous celebrities are that have requested his DJ services.

That’s the beauty of the Hamptons, top DJs never reveal their secrets or their very prominent clients.

Sometimes they are simply sworn to secrecy and as Eren says: “That’s just the way we like it.” The well known DJ explains that you don’t need to name drop to get the best DJ gigs. As Eren commented, “They just know you and that’s how you get a call.”

Eren AB who has worked with such diverse labels as Sony, Beatport and Tazmania Records – there’s only one place to go from here and that’s further up, up and UP.


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