“Gaza”: “Humanitarian Disaster”

By Janet Ekstract
Just one day ago on May 14, one of the bloodiest and most violent attacks by the Israeli army took place in Gaza – according to eyewitness accounts from Doctor Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).
MSF Representative Marie-Elisabeth Ingres filed her account explaining: “What happened today is unacceptable and inhuman. The death toll provided this evening by Gaza authorities -55 dead and 2,271 wounded -included 1,359 wounded with live ammunition, is staggering. It is unbearable to witness such a massive number of unarmed people being shot in such a short time.”
Ingres said MSF medical teams are working 24/7 to provide surgical, postsurgical and postoperative care to men, women and children. She added that MSF will provide care for as long as it’s needed. She compared the situation on the ground, to the bombings in the 2014 war. She also said the situation has totally overwhelmed current medical staff.  Ingres emphasized that “This bloodbath is the continuation of the Israeli army’s policy during the last seven weeks: shooting with live ammunition at demonstrators, on the assumption that anyone approaching the separation fence is a legitimate target.”
Senior Press Officer fir Doctors Without Borders, Tim Shenk, issued a press statement earlier today and MSF has called on the Israeli army to stop its “disproportionate use of violence against Palestinian protesters.” The continuous Israeli and Egyptian blockade of Gaza Strip and the most recent funding cuts to the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian Refugees are making the situation even more untenable.
Meanwhile, new demonstrations are expected to take place tomorrow, according to the latest announcements.
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